Why I Ride

My first charity ride

My first charity ride on the Magic Bike

Seven years ago I took the advice of my good friends Kevin and Kathleen that I needed to start riding a bike, and that commitment has changed my life. It all began on a loaner bike passed forward from our friend Richie. A maroon Bianchi with turquoise lettering, I call it the Magic Bike. The Magic in this bike has transformed seven riders in its lifetime. Each of those riders has bought their own bike and continued to pass the Magic forward.

Four of the Magic Bike riders are committed to ride coast to coast this July and August to raise money for the Davis Phinney Foundation (DPF). DPF is a non profit organization that raises funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease and in turn educates and supports those troubled by the disease. DPF has a reserved seat in all four of our hearts. Kevin, Kathleen, Rick and I are all in for an adventure of a lifetime and we’d love to have your support.

The foundation is so committed to helping those with PD to live better today, that we decided we wanted to ride across America and collect more funds, raise more awareness to enhance finding a cure for this debilitating disease. On July 20th this year, we will begin our ride, F4PCC (Friends For Phinney Coast to Coast), in Oceanside, CA and continue for 42 days until reaching the shores of the Atlantic in New York City. This is a BIG chunk of time for a BIG cause.

Davis Phinney is a Boulder High School classmate of Rick, Kevin and mine. After high school, we watched as Davis became a professional bicyclist and who’s career saw him in the Coors Classic, Tour de France, and the Olympics, to name a very few. His accomplishments are endless. Davis has more wins than any other American cyclist, still! Davis’ story is incredible. He now lives each day of his life with Parkinson’s Disease. In his always positive way, Davis says he likes to help people with Parkinson’s to “live well today.”

He shares his drive for living and his continuous enthusiasm with his wife Connie and his two awesome kids, Taylor and Kelsey. The DPF Team has worked very hard to create The Victory Summit that educates and supports those living with the disease. Kathleen and I attended The Victory Summit this past winter in Denver. Incredible speakers and invaluable information. Seeing where and how they use the funds generated through the foundation made it even more apparent that supporting Davis and his foundation is an absolute no brainer.

We invite you to follow our Magic Team. We are asking you for your support. make a donation and make a difference in lives affected by Parkinson’s Disease. Go to our Donate Page and choose an option that feels good for you. Your involvement makes a powerful impact for those in need. Your constant thoughts and prayers as we bike coast to coast to fight Parkinson’s Disease are appreciated.