The Ride Recap Video

Relive the cross-country ride! Thanks to everyone who rode, supported, and followed the ride. It’s all captured in this slideshow/video.

Thanks to Kevin for putting it all together!

9 thoughts on “The Ride Recap Video

  1. Stan Moyer

    Danke schon, gracias, and thx for the video. The photo of the “Buckle up next million miles” is great, and among others would be great to use in the paper’s special issue recap of 2013. Would that be OK? Stan Moyer

  2. Carl

    I am so grateful to have been apart of this great ride and the many many new friendships that I have made. This will forever be a top memorable experience of my life!
    Love you all!
    Carl Ames

  3. Mary Casey

    Kevin, cool video and audio to go with!!!! Thank you for letting us ride along with you for a few of the miles you traveled this summer. You, Kathleen, Rick, and Tom had a vision for this tremendous out-poring of energy and support as ‘Friends for Phinney’. You opened many eyes and hearts to the facts of what Parkinson’s disease means to those who have it. BRAVO!!

  4. John Ryden

    Thanks to all of you who made the trip coast to coast and those who helped make the gift via D. Brink such a wonderful keepsake. I have it proudly on display in my home office!
    Like Davis, I too was diagnosed with PD early on; (46) in 2001. It has been a struggle but I manage the disease with many of the suggestions and help from the “Every Victory Counts” binder I received at the Denver symposium. Despite PD I have managed to keep working part time at the local golf course where I see many former high school classmates and people I have met while living in Loveland CO. over the years. What you do and say in the midst of adversity speaks volumes about your true character and affects many more people than you will ever know. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your friendship to Davis, Connie and the rest of the Parkinson’s Family at large. I am counting this event as a victory!!!!!

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