Why I Ride

RickSo I started cycling about five years ago after I got a call from Tom Casey, my good friend since kindergarten and the one who had the vision of riding across the country for The Davis Phinney Foundation. Tom said he had a spare bike for me and I should start riding with him and Kevin Cartin, another good friend since the first grade. After about a minute and having never ridden a bike for exercise, I went ahead and said yes. A week later I picked up the steel Bianchi that Tom talks about. Over the next week, I bought pedals, shoes, helmet, and all the other stuff I thought I might need. That Saturday I left a message at Kevin’s house to meet me at the bottom of the Morgul Bismark hill in Superior (the famous site of the Red Zinger and Coors Classic professional race stages). He didn’t return my call. Pretty sure he was laughing at me when he heard the message. That evening I set out on the Bianchi and my first ride. After about 2 blocks, I had to return and ask my neighbor across the street how to change the gears as I couldn’t find them anywhere.
Fast forward a year and a half later… I had some comfort level on the bike now and had actually bought my own bike after my Mom died. A green Serotta with my Mom’s name painted on the side. We just call it Marie. My friends then talked me into riding The Copper Triangle and explained how it was a ride to benefit The Davis Phinney Foundation. The day before we were to leave, I dropped by the foundation and made a donation. Someone from the office called me and invited Tom, Kevin, Kathleen and me to the pre-ride dinner with Davis, Connie and the primary supporters of the foundation. Well, I became so inspired by this event that I decided that this was something I wanted to support and continue to help in any way I could. The day of the ride, someone other than me was riding my bike. I basically left my friends in my wake and had to wait like a half hour on top of Vail Pass for them to arrive. That scenario continues to this day as does my dedication to help the foundation in any way I can. Please help us support The Davis Phinney Foundation. Nobody messes with Marie now!