5 thoughts on “Pedaling our way to victory

  1. Carl

    Great report Tom! After all, you are the Ambassador to the World! Keep it up! You all are amazing!

  2. Dennis Buck

    Just got word a friend is losing his battle with this nasty beast of a disease today. We have watched him from the time he was spry, thought the disabilities and now to the end. Kathleen, Tom, Kevin, and Rick, give it one more hard peddle push up a hill or when you are feeling low or the detours, or the chapped bottoms, for my friend also named Rick. Thank you.

    1. Kevin Cartin


      We’re terribly sorry to hear that news. We definitely will use it for inspiration as we close in on our goal. Thank you for passing it along. Let’s not forget that for all the feel-good stories, there are feel-bad stories in abundance as well. We ride for all of them

      Kevin Cartin

  3. Susan Elling

    I have looked forward to reading the blog each day: the writing has been superb, the adventure over the top, and the personal encounters remarkable. Kathleen – wow! – and having this opportunity to see your PD patients here in Boulder while you pedal the message has given me so much insight into why you are doing what you are doing. They are amazing in their spirit and determination – and so are the 4 of you!

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