One year ago today!

One year ago,

Those of you who followed along with the Friends for Phinney ride remember this Day 12 – Queens Ride/Carls Century. This coming Saturday Aug 2, I  will join my Friends for Phinney Team and 3000 others and participate in the Copper Triangle, the ride benefiting The Davis Phinney Foundation. Take a moment and read about Carl.  Your support is greatly needed and helps those living with Parkinson’s get through another day. I will continue riding to help find a cure for Parkinson’s. To Donate, Please do,  go to Thanks for taking a moment. Happy Wednesday.

My Best to you all

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  1. Stanley Moyer

    Enjoyed writing newspaper story about the trip in 2013 when it passed through Del Norte Colorado and appreciate a great deal all the Foundation did (much more than me!).

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