Why I Ride

KevinI grew up and live in the bicycling mecca of Boulder Colorado. I’ve had a bike for as long as I can remember, and rode it to “get somewhere”: to my friend’s house, to school, to work. In high school my friends and I noticed our classmate Davis Phinney as he was riding his bike around and around our cinder track at Boulder High School. Davis wasn’t going anywhere, just around and around. We thought that was strange, and Davis was…interesting. Nice guy, weird habits.

Shortly after high school I saw Davis on TV, in amazing physical shape and riding in the Coors Classic bicycle race. Finally all the strangeness made sense: he wanted to go pro in bicycling, and worked his butt off to make it a reality. Not a path any of the rest of us chose, but man was he good at it. So good that he was the first American to win a road stage in the Tour de France, and he managed a bronze medal in the 1984 Olympics in California.

Years later I found out that Davis Phinney had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1999, at the age of 40. In 2004 Davis established the Davis Phinney Foundation (DPF) which is dedicated to improving the lives of people who are living with Parkinson’s. Live well with Parkinson’s sums up the mission of the foundation.

Davis and numerous people live each and every day with Parkinson’s Disease. Davis remains one of the most positive people I’ve ever been associated with and he strives to help all members of “his tribe” as he calls it, to Live well with Parkinson’s. The DPF Team works hard to educate and support those living with Parkinson’s. The inspiration and information they impart during their Victory Summit meetings is a shining example of how donations are used effectively to benefit “the tribe”.

In 2006 I joined the Victory Crew which raises money for the foundation as I firmly believe in its critical mission. I chose to ride my bike in the charity ride called the Copper Triangle that year to raise money for the foundation, and have been doing so every year since that initial fundraising ride in 2006. I’ve ridden along with my wife Kathleen, and in subsequent years my other classmates Tom Casey and Rick Baker have joined in as well.

Our belief in the DPF mission has now led the four of us to become even more dedicated to raising money so they can extend their reach and help even more people. We’re embarking on a Coast-to-Coast bike ride beginning on July 20th in California and ending 42 days later on August 30th in New York City. Our sole purpose is to raise as much money for the DPF as possible. I invite you to support us in our cross-country ride and help more people to Live well with Parkinson’s.

100% of your donation will go to the Davis Phinney Foundation, and there are multiple ways to contribute. Please visit our Donate Page and select the option that works best for you. Please join us in our quest!