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One hot day. About 10 miles left to ride into Blythe. The heat was upon us. J J’s market in Ripley saved the day. Brian the clerk/owner was as gracious and nice as they come allowed us to relax on the concrete floor in front of the swamp cooler. He then took a picture with us and presented us with a 15 pound watermelon. Sooooo cool. Watermelon will come in handy today as we ride 114 miles into Congress,AZ. Think good thoughts folks, it’s all ready 93 at 4:47 am.:-)




Second day amazing day.

Rode from Julian to Brawley. Nice ride down the canyon into the desert. Hit a head wind and finally reached or second day destination. Enjoyed the afternoon in the pool and eating a wonderful lunch, courtesy of the local Pioneer Memorial hospital. The employees were so grateful for what we are doing. Fantastic lunch. Thanks to all involved in arranging our lunch. That is what this trip is all about. Of to Blythe tomorrow. We are rolling folks. Keep that energy flowing.


Leaving Vegas

Full buffet, free buffet, courtesy of the Westin Las Vegas. Off and and rolling to Oceanside. Picking up excitement. The spin bike this morning took a shower of sweat. Felt good but I need to get on the road. Will be good to see the team this afternoon in San Diego. John¬† V. handling the driving as we roll closer.11:00am, 96 degrees and Heating up. Can’t wait, let’s go!

The Bicycle Odyssey begins!

Good morning from St. George, UT. We left Colorado yesterday, July 16th bound for the West coast via Las Vegas. My dear friend John Vidulich and I enjoyed a send-off breakfast in Dillon, CO with my niece and nephew Ken and Cathy and their pooch Scully. Nice travel day West on I-70, ending up in St. George for the night. The support vehicle, the Friends for Phinney trailer is rolling great, spreading the love of the Davis Phinney foundation.

We are picking up speed on our fundraising efforts and look forward to your contributions for our cause. Keep telling your friends and family about us. This journey is far from over. I’m excited to ¬†unite with the team in Oceanside, CA tomorrow afternoon.

I’m going to give a shout out to our behind the scene team member, my wife Amy, for all the excellent work she has done and continues to do for this adventure. Her persistence and excellence is making it possible to reach all of you through social media. Thanks Amy.

I recommend the Coral Hills Best Western in St. George. I’m getting excited for our actual ride to begin. It’s so great we are surrounded with health that allows us to make this trip happen. Today my gift to all is gratitude. Do something today that will enhance your life and make someone else’s day brighter. Start with thanks, it works.

One week away

Scrambling, trying to get this that and most of the detail done. Suddenly you realize what you have created, everything is coming together. Big day, got the trailer in for lettering, new tires put on. Looks like a real deal now. Excited and anxious. Let’s get this party rolling.



Last minute details

We are all scrambling to make sure are lists are next to complete, they never will be but it is great to see the energy building with the team. Lot’s of people wanting to help make this a great event. If you haven’t been to the web site please do so and if you have all ready contributed Thanks. We are still fundraising so keep spreading the word. Our efforts will not end short. Anyone wanting a jersey, you better get it soon, the jersey’s are awesome and would look good on you or someone you know, wearing them will keep the ride alive and will keep The Davis Phinney Foundation in peoples minds always.

Our Hearts of Honor are still coming in and if you would like us to carry the memory or thought of your loved one with us sign up to have a heart placed on Tom’s Bike, he will display them coast to coast. 12 days away from our launch in Oceanside. Love to hear from you, Thanks so much for all the good vibes.




Two Week CountDown

Getting a little excited for the adventure. I try not to keep track of the record temperatures in Death Valley, I’m Blocking, lol.

The Old Louisville Inn is sponsoring us today from 2-6, proceeds from beer sales go directly to the cause.

Lot’s going on, Final prep for food, lodging and events. Having fun getting the trailer equipped and fitted. So many things to do in a short time, we have a great team and we will surely pull it all together.